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Survival gear, food & water, flashlight, first aid kit.

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Q: What should I always bring with me into a cave?
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How do you open the island cave?

Bring a Relicanth and Wailord to the Sealed Chamber and an earthquake should go off. This unlocks the island cave. ^_^

What should you take into murky cave on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you have to bring gengar Try to bring lots of reviver seeds,apples and bring Latios or Latias. :) Hope that helps!

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Where is digletts cave?

its by vermilon city just walk to the right there should be a cave.

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Where is viridian forest in soul silver?

To get to Viridian Forest, you need to go through Digglet's cave. That will bring you to an open area. Go North, the Forest should be there.

How do you beat Blue Nile Falls on Nabooti Island?

First, you bring the chicken over. Then, you bring the fox over. When you bring the fox over, take the chicken back. Then you bring the feed over. After that, you take the chicken over again. Now you can enter the secret cave : go to the far right, and find the bush on a rock halfway down the falls. The Purple Jewel is in the cave. (*you should also get the Lily from the left side of the falls)

How or where do you catch cobalion in Pokemon black 2 after beating the elite four i actually defeated the elite four twice and i went to route 13 where he's supposed to be but he's not there?

He fled to mistraiton cave if you enter the cave from Route 6 you need to search around for a down staircase cobalion should be in the back of the cave ( NOTE: you should bring a pokemon that knows flash.)

Why does Agbala want to bring Ezinma to the cave?

This is not explicitly stated in the text.

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What happens when Articuno isn't in the cave?

articuo is always at the cave only if you have caght or defeated himhe will not be there