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an egg shape

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A sphere.

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Q: What shape is a baseball facemask?
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How did football helmets evolve?

round no facemasks, round facemask, round and solid with a hard facemask.

How do you attach nike football visor to schutt DNA helmet?

first you take off your facemask and then you take the visor and place it into the vision area on your facemask and then tighten your screws and put your facemask back on

Does a facemask prior to a fumble negate the fumble?

If there is a facemask on the defense then it should negate any fumble they may have acquired during play.

How do you put on a football visor insert?

The visor should slide under the facemask. once straight and even, the clamps should be near a horizontal bar on the facemask, depending what kind of facemask you have. Screw on the 2 clamps (one one each side of mask)

What is the outcome of a facemask?

a 15 yard penalty

When did the facemask become mandatory in the NFL?


What kind of facemask does Drew Brees have?

Brees wears a facemask with three vertical bars on it and two horizontal. While the three-bar type is typically a running back style, other notable quarterbacks who wear a similar facemask are Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb.

What was the style of Dan Marino's facemask?

Model - JOP

Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

i need to know if Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

Do you hook the mouthpiece to the football helmet?

No you hook it up to the facemask.

If some holds on your facemask with one finger is that a penalty?

You bet

What style facemask does Keith bulluck of the NY giants wear?

its a DNA