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Saint Gorge College

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Q: What school did dawn fraser go to?
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Where did dawn fraser go to high school?

what school did dawn fraser go to? in primary and high school.

What primary school did Dawn Fraser go to?

Dawn Fraser went to Birchgrove Public School

Where did Dawn Fraser go to college?

a collage DA

What color are Dawn Fraser eyes?

Her eyes are blue dawn fraser is a girl Dawn fraser is famousDawn fraser is a very hard working lady

What is dawn fraser's daughter called?

Dawn Fraser's daughter is called Dawn-Lorraine

How many olympic games did dawn fraser go to?


What sport is dawn fraser famous for?

Dawn Fraser is famous for swimming.

When was The Dawn Fraser Story created?

The Dawn Fraser Story was created in 1964.

What is Dawn Fraser's birthday?

Dawn Fraser was born on September 4, 1937.

Is Dawn Fraser a swimmer?

Yes, Dawn Fraser is an Australian Olympic champion swimmer.

What is the duration of The Dawn Fraser Story?

The duration of The Dawn Fraser Story is 3240.0 seconds.

What school did Malcolm fraser go to?

your moms school