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mountview primary school in taupo New Zealand

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Q: What school did Sarah ulmer go to?
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When did Sarah Ulmer first go to the Olympic games?


What are Sarah ulmer's magnificent achievements in Olympics?

in 2004 Sarah ulmer won a gold medal but Sarah has now retired

Why is Sarah ulmer a role model?

Sarah Ulmer is a role Model because she never gives up and keeps trying...... Oh Yea Please go to the discussion area................

Where was Sarah Ulmer born?

Sarah Ulmer was born in Auckland, New Zealand, she was born on March 14th, 1976.

What is Sarah ulmer know for?

Sarah Ulmer - is first New Zealander to win an Olympic cycling gold (at the 2004 Olympics)

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What sport is Sarah Ulmer competing in the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Sarah Ulmer isn't competing in these games ... she announced her retirement in 2007.

Does Sarah ulmer have children?

No, Sarah doesn't have children. Give her time...

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Does Sarah Ulmer have any kids?


What age was Sarah Ulmer when she started cycling?

ANSWERSarah Ulmer started riding around the age of 17