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The out of bounds line runs around a football field but never moves.

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A Fence

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im not wrong

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A football

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a fence

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Q: What runs a round a football field but never moves?
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Which major sports do not have a round ball?

Football and golf are the only major sports without a round ball. Football has a unique shaped ball (the football) while hockey uses a puck.

What is another word or term for a ball?

If you mean a baseball or a basketball, you could also call it a sphere (pronounced: sfeer). But you wouldn't call a football a sphere because it's not round.

How many countries have football teams?

This question needs to be more specific. In North America (in general, anyway), "football" is more commonly a reference to a game played with an oval-shaped ball, similar to a rugby ball. Those outside North America (i.e. the rest of the world) call this game "American football" (AF), which is played in two countries, the U.S.A. and Canada, but with somewhat different rules. Football is the game played with a round ball, generally white. This game is called "soccer" in North America, to distinguish it from AF. Major differences between the two sports are: - number of players per side on the field at once; - equipment worn by players; - number of players on a team; - and too many more to list.

What does 'granting a bye' mean?

It means that one team, for example the Minnesota Vikings, played well in the regular season and was given a chance to skip the first round of the playoffs therefore they would automatically be in the second round. If it was a regular season bye it means that they just have one week off of playing football.

If a set of football matches is to be organized in a round-robin fashion every participating team plays a match against every other team once and only once If 45 matches are totally played?


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What sport has a round field?

Australian Football

How many miles is in 24 football field's?

there is 0.07 miles in 24 football fields if you round but if you don't round it would be 0.06

Why do they call a football a ball if its not round?

Because of field goals when the rules were developing.

Who runs more in a field a soccer player or a football player?

football players because they have a bigger field. But soccer players have a better ball because it is round.

How many laps round football pitch equals 5 km?

one it's football field, 12 a half

If a football field is 50 feet on one side what is perimeter of half of the field?

I think you mean yards but 206 yards squared if you round.

How does football differ from soccer?

Soccer you only use your feet. you kick it across a field smaller than a football field. soccer uses a round ball. Football you can use your hands. Soccer has goals, not inzones or field goals. you have less people on a soccer team. i bet you are not from the u.s.

Which planet moves anticlockwise round the sun?

Which planet moves clockwise round the sun

Can you punt a football father then a scocer ball?

really you cant cause a soccerball is round and a football is not round

How do you win first round of contest in emerald?

Use some moves maybe that help u because i never been on that contest or what ever.

How many vertices does a football have?

A pointy football has two. A round football has none.

Can there be a round football?

Yes. There are lots of types of football. American football, Rugby and Australian Rules Football all use oval balls. Soccer and Gaelic Football use round balls.

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