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Adrian Peterson was the 1st round draft choice of the Minnesota Vikings and the 7th pick overall in the 2007 NFL draft.

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Adrian Peterson was the 7th overall pick of 2007, to the Minnesota Vikings. He played college at the University of Oklahoma.

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Q: What round and team did Adrian Peterson go to in the NFL draft?
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What college team did Adrian Peterson play?

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson grew up in Palestine, Texas.

What team does Adrian Peterson play on now?

Adrian Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Which NFL team has the best RB?

The Minnesota Vikings. They have Adrian Peterson.

What team was being played when Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone while scoring a touchdown?

Iowa State

Will the vikings win the super bowl?

Not this year, they lost Adrian Peterson and the Green Bay Packers are a great team.

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Did Adrian Peterson have a effect on the world?

Yes because when he was a rookie in the Best Team in the League which is the Minnesota Vikings he set the record for 1,000 yards in one game. He is way better than Reggie Bush, Reggie Bush is pretty good but compared to Adrian Peterson Reggie Bush sucks.

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