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Rio and Anton Ferdinand are brothers.

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Q: What relation are Rio and Anton Ferdinand?
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Name of Rio Ferdinand's father?

Where Does Anton Ferdinand's Family Come From ?

When did Rio Ferdinand become England's Captain?

Rio ferdinand became the captain of england because john terry was removed for racially abusing QPR defender anton ferdinand.

Is Rio Ferdinand related to Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Rio and Les Ferdinand are cousins. Anton, Rio's brother, is also a Premier League football player.

What is Fernandos brother called?

Are you asking about the Ferdinand brothers? Then they are Rio and Anton Ferdinands.

What is the relation between Kane and rio Ferdinand?

They are distant Cousins

Why is Rio so much taller than Anton Ferdinand did Rio take drugs or something. Anton is 6ft while Rio is 6ft3ish Why is Rio so much taller than Anton Ferdinand?

that's a really dumb question. althoug Rio was in the papers for drugs, trust me, the height difference is definitely not due to that.... its due to genetics and metabolism... IT WAS ALL DOWN TO DRUS AT THE ENDD OF THE DAYLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL NOT it is GENETICS FROM THEIR PARENTS "rz~

Who is better Rio Ferdinand or his brother?

John terry is by far a better player then Rio Ferdinand, Terry will get you more goals , even with his head, and important thing is that Terry is clean, Rio Ferdinand was suspended for not taking a drug test , and was suspended for eight months. And in that time and year Chelsea won the title in 2004.

What is the birth name of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand's birth name is Rio Gavin Ferdinand.

What is Anton Ferdinand's birthday?

Anton Ferdinand was born on February 18, 1985.

When was Anton Ferdinand born?

Anton Ferdinand was born on February 18, 1985.

When was Anton Ferdinand Mittrowsky born?

Anton Ferdinand Mittrowsky was born in 1745.

When did Anton Ferdinand Titz die?

Anton Ferdinand Titz died in 1811.