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Harland Gunn plays Guard for the Atlanta Falcons.

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Q: What position does Harland Gunn play?
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What NFL team does Harland Gunn play for?

Harland Gunn plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

What college did NFL player Harland Gunn play for?

NFL player Harland Gunn played for Miami (Fla.).

How tall is Harland Gunn?

NFL player Harland Gunn is 6'-02''.

What is Harland Gunn's number on the Atlanta Falcons?

Harland Gunn is number 69 on the Atlanta Falcons.

How old is Harland Gunn?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Harland Gunn is 24 years old.

How much does NFL player Harland Gunn weigh?

NFL player Harland Gunn weighs 310 pounds.

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