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Alex Killorn plays center for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Q: What position does Alex Killorn play?
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What NHL team does Alex Killorn play for?

Alex Killorn plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

How tall is Alex Killorn?

NHL player Alex Killorn is 6'-01''.

How much does Alex Killorn weigh?

NHL player Alex Killorn weighs 202 pounds.

Where was Alex Killorn born?

Alex Killorn was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 09-14-89.

What is Alex Killorn's number on the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Alex Killorn is number 17 on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

How old is Alex Killorn?

NHL player Alex Killorn was born on 09-14-89 and as of the end of the 2013-2014 season is 24 years old.

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What position does Alex Avila play?

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When was Alexander Killorn born?

Alexander Killorn was born on 1989-09-14.

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