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to always follow your drreams.

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Q: What one piece of advice did AVI give to young readers?
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What advice does Richard Peck give to his young readers?

"My advice for children who want to write is, you can start right now." Richard Peck's words

Do you give an advice or do you give some advice?

Advice has no singular form; the closest is a 'piece of advice'. Proper usages include: give advice give some advice give a piece of advice

What is the plural of a piece of advice?

The plural form for 'piece of advice' is pieces of advice.

What advice does Beverly clearly have for young writers?

What advice does Susan Eloise Hinton give for those who want to become a writer?

What does MSN Money provide for it's readers?

MSN Money provides well researched financial guidelines or advice to its readers. It aims to give its readers a wider possibility of becoming financially successful while offering tips of investing and saving.

Is counsel a noun?

AnswerI think it may just be advice. 'To give a piece of advice' 'I gave her some advice on what to do'AnswerSince advice itself is not countable, you have to use a word like "some" or "pieces of" to indicate there is more than one piece of advice being given.To clarify: Advice is an uncountable noun and has no plural term.

What is Taylor swift's advice to young musicians?

to go for it and don't ever give up.

What advice will you give to kids?

None. Kids are young goats they don't understand speech.

What good advice will Michelle Obama give children?

she is probably the mother so she probably will give good advices to her young daughters

How do we give advise young people who want to come in USA?

to advice some one you should give them your opinion about it and ask them their opinion.

What is easy to give but few will take it has a monopoly on the young and yes its true at times i may have stung?


What is to give advice?

to give advice is to give a suggestion