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Italian :)

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Q: What nationality is fabio cappello?
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New manager of England?

Fabio Cappello

Who is the English football team coach?

Fabio Cappello

What was the managers name for England football 2010?

Fabio Cappello.

Who is the manager of the English soccer team?

Fabio Cappello manages the England soccer/football team.

When will the squad of England for the world cup be announced?

Fabio Cappello will announce his squad some time today

When was fabio cappello born?

Capello was born in San Canzian d'Isonzo, Northern Italy on the 18 June 1946.

What is the nationality is football player fabio cannavaro?

The nationality of Fabio Cannavaro is that he is a Italian.He is the only defender to win the world footballer of the year.

How is the region of Antarctica being managed?

Fabio Cappello signed a 2-year contract to take Antarctica to the "next level".

What world cup manager looks like paul o'grady?

Fabio Cappello is a mix of paul o'grady and postman pat

What nationality is Manchester uniteds Fabio?


What is the nationality of Olympique de Marseille'sFabio Celestini?

The nationality of Olympique de Marseille's Fabio Celestini is Switzerland.

When was Bianca Cappello born?

Bianca Cappello was born in 1548.