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Q: What length was the putter that Jack Nicklaus used?
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What is the value of a golf putter owned and used by Jack Nicklaus?

It is worth a lot! If it is in good condition then it could be worth thousands. But before you sell it on eBay, go to a golf pro and ask them.

Who is Tiger Woods' idol?

He looks up to Jack Nicklaus, and his father.

What is the difference between a putter and driver?

A putter is a golf club that is used for very short length putts such as 10 feet or less and are on level or flat ground on the green near the hole. A driver is used for very long distances.

What golfer does Tiger Woods look up to?

He used to look up to Jack Nicklaus and is still chasing his record of 18 major titles.

What club is used in the green?


What sport needs putter?

Golf needs a putter. It is a club used when close to the hole to tap the ball in.

Who is Tiger Woods role-models and have there been since?

He used to try and beat the records set by Jack Nicklaus, some he has broken some he is still chasing. He also used to look up to his mother and father.

What are the most used golf clubs?

Putter, then driver, then wedges.

What is the value of a used Ping Karsten-2 putter?

7 cents

Which club is used most in playing 18 holes of golf?


Price on 2002 Ryder cup Paul McGinley putter?

You'll have to try ebay, a collector or a sports memoribila auction. If it is the actual putter he used a lot! If it is a replica then still a bit.

Why is the golf putter known as the Texas wedge?

It is simply a slang term that was popularised by Ben Hogan. Golf courses in Texas used to have a reputation for very hard and crispy fairways and fringes, so if a player was just off the green they would favour their putter over a wedge.