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In 1972, a law passed that required federally funded schools to give girls and boys equal opportunities to all aspects of education, including sports. The name of the law is called "Title IX"

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Q: What law allowed girls' to play sports?
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When were girls first allowed to play sports?

that is a hard question girls have kinda always been aloud to play sports, but in 1974 they made it a law that girls and boys both had the privilege to play the same sports :)

Was Michelangelo allowed to play sports?

due to a city law that was passed a few years before his birth he was not allowed to play sports because the law did not allow men with beards to play any sports. so in short, no.

Why aren't girls allowed to play baseball?

actually if they are good enough they can there is no law that prevents a girl from playing baseball

What document says that girls have the right to play sports?

There is no document or law that specifically states girls have the right to play sports. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 states that no person in the United States shall be excluded from participating in any program or activity that receives Federal financial assistance, regardless of gender. This law is commonly called 'Title IX'. Click on the 'Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972' link below to read the contents of the law.

Did Obama play college sports?

No he did not because he whet to law school.

Can you play sports with hepatitis B?

People infected with hepatitis B can play sports. It is against the law for someone to stop a person with hepatitis B from playing a sport.

Why did boys play girls in theatre?

Because it was against the law for women to be in the theater.

What is the law that allows girls and boys to play on the same team?

it really does depend on what sport you are playing; i know for a fact that you can have mixed teams for volly ball, netball, soccer and a whole lot of other sports (:

Are robots allowed to play rugby in England?

No, unfortunately from my own experience, i know that robots, by law, are not allowed to play rugby in England. I have benn playing rugby for 10 years and yesterday i was informed that due to me being a robot, i am no longer allowed to play. My name is Ben Stollery

Which federal law opened school sports for girls?

Try looking at the 14th amendment and the 19th amendment in the constitution that kinda has to do with it -Superknowitall12345

Why we wouldn't have unisex sports teams?

I feel the same way you do about this. The girls should be able to play with the boys, and the other way around. I think they have it separated because some sports the boys/girls may be rougher. Though, they made a law that made it a little bit better. Each sport, lets say women's volleyball, they must have a mens' volleyball team too.

Why couldn't blacks play with whites in sports before the civil rights?

Because it was a law that Blacks couldn't be with Whites.

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