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Originally in Modern Greek but has been translated into many other languages.

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Q: What language is the Olympic hymn in?
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Who is the composer of the Olympic Hymn?

Leo Arnaud

Who penned the Olympic song?

the olympic hymn was composed by Spyros Samaras words by Kostas palamas

Mad gab Went Hurl Hymn Pick Aims?

winter olympic games

Did athletes recite an olympic poem in the opening ceremony?

Yes! The Olympic Hymn/ Anthem written by Costis Palamas. The lyrics can be found in the attached web link here below

What two anthem choices are there for the winner of the olympic gold medal?

The national anthem of the gold medalist's country is played, or the Olympic Hymn may be played instead if the winner's country wishes.

When is the olympic flag brought into the stadium?

At the opening ceremonies, the flag is brought in after all athletes have entered the stadium and the host country's representative declares the Games open. The flag is then raised as the Olympic Hymn plays.

What language was the olympic motto written in?


When was Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn created?

Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn was created on 2003-10-06.

What is the homophone for hymn?

The homophone for "hymn" is "him."

Is French not the official language of IOC?

Yes, French is an official language of the IOC and of the Olympic games. This is because of Pierre de Coubertin, the Frenchman who revived the Olympic games and founded the IOC.

What does Alice think about during graduation to keep Edward out?

She translates the battle hymn of the republic into Arabic, then Korean sign language.

When did he write the hymn of labor?

Henry Van Dyke wrote the hymn "The Hymn of Joy" in 1907.