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fungus kingdom.....
Athletes foot is a fungus.

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The phylum for athlete's foot is Ascomycota. Athlete's foot belongs to the Fungi Kingdom and is in the class of Eurotiomycetes.

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fungus family

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Q: What kingdom does athlete's foot belong to?
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Can athletes foot cause death?

No....its just athletes foot

What is the Kingdom Phylum Class Order and Species of Athletes foot?

Kingdom: FungiDivision: AscomycotaClass: EurotiomycetesOrder: OnygenalesFamily: ArthrodermataceaeGenus: TrichophytonSpecies: any of several different ones can cause this disease

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To what scientific kingdom does the organism that causes athlete's foot belong?

It is caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes in the genus "Trichophyton".More Information:The organism that causes the condition known as athlete's foot belongs to the Kingdom: Fungi.

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