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Through the power of sports, Sport Relief actually raises awareness and funds for charitable causes. Celebrities, athletes, and the general public participate in a variety of sporting challenges and fundraising activities during this biannual event in the United Kingdom. The objective is to address significant social issues like mental health, hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Sport Relief inspires individuals to support those in need and make a positive impact by combining the excitement and popularity of sports with a charitable spirit. It fills in as a stage for people and networks to meet up, advance dynamic ways of life, and have an effect through their support.

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Sports relief is used to treat problems that effect athletes. Injured individuals can find relief from pain with sports relief.

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Sport relief happens so people can come together with their love of sport and also raise money from children in places like sub Saharan Africa to have a better and more normal life.

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Q: What kind of things does sport relief do?
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Who invented sport relief?

Comic Relief

How much money did Sport Relief raise in 2013?

There was no Sport Relief in 2013. The event began in 2002 and occurs every two years. Sport Relief 2012 raised £50,447,197. Sport Relief 2014 raised £51,242,186.

What can you do for sport relif?

The sport relief mile

How much did sport relief raise in 2012?

Sport Relief 2012 has raised an astounding £52,070,587!

What is one directions sport relief song?

One Direction do not currently have a Sport Relief song.

When was Sport Relief 2012?

Sport Relief 2012 was between March 23rd and March 25th.

When did Sport Relief Does The Apprentice end?

Sport Relief Does The Apprentice ended on 2008-03-14.

When was Sport Relief Does The Apprentice created?

Sport Relief Does The Apprentice was created on 2008-03-12.

Whose idea was it to start sport relief?

Sport Relief is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries. At the heart of the campaign is the Sport Relief Mile.It started in 2002.

What is John Bishops sport relief challenge called?

i do believe it is called Timmy Bishops sport relief challenge

What could I do for sport relief?

You could enter a sport relief mile near you, raise money in schools, get people to sponsor you for doing something or even easier, buy a sport relief good (T-shirts etc).

What do you get if you do the sport relief mile?