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Louisville Slugger ash model C353. 34.5 inches-33 ounces. flame tempered with smith finish/unfinished.

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The penis 1538

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He uses the WilsOn A2000 KP-92

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Q: What kind of bat does josh hamilton use?
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What bat does josh hamilton use?

All-star and former batting champ and league MVP Josh Hamilton swings a Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger Prime H359 Birch. Hamilton has "1 Peter 2:24" burnt into his bat, and named the bat after his MVP season when he hit . 359.

What model of glove does josh Hamilton use?

Josh Hamilton's glove model is Wilson A2000 JH32-GM.

What kind of bat should you use to hit homers with?

THE one YOU can HOLD

What kind of bat did Jackie Robinson use?

a demarenie vendeta cat osterman and dobel wall bat

What kind of weapons did the Qin Dynasty use?

baseball bat

What kind of baseball bat does Hunter Pence use?


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d-lee uses an old hickory

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How does the -10 on a softball bat reflect on hitting?

Kind of . Not necessarily . That number is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight . the larger the number, the faster the bat may be swung. I prefer to use a -11 personally . It's great bat speed.

What kind of bat does David Ross use?

David Ross is a catcher for the Boston Red Sox. He uses a Rawlings Flame Tempered ash bat, and practices with a Marucci Maple.

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