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Her mother's name is Bobbie Jefferies.

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Q: What is vonetta flowers parents names?
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What is the birth name of Vonetta Flowers?

Vonetta Flowers's birth name is Vonetta Jefferies.

How tall is Vonetta Flowers?

Vonetta Flowers is 5' 7".

Did vonetta flowers graduate from college?

Yes, Vonetta Flowers did graduate from college. In fact she was the first in her family to even attend college. She attended University of Alabama in Birmingham. Yup......

Is Vonetta Flowers still alive?

i don't think so

Where did vonetta flowers live?

They lived on planet Earth, The third planet from the sun, in SpAcE

Who was the first African American to win an Olympic gold medal in the winter games?

Vonetta Flowers.

Vonetta flowers achieved what distinction in winning a bobsled gold at the 2002 salt lake city games?

At the 2002 Olympics, Vonetta Flowers in Bobsled and then Jarome Iginla in Hockey became the first two black athletes to win Winter gold medals

What is the birth name of Vonetta McGee?

Vonetta McGee's birth name is Vonetta Lawrence McGee.

How tall is Vonetta Massey?

Vonetta Massey is 5' 4 1/2".

Who was the first African American woman to win medal in winter Olympics?

Vonetta Flowers. Flowers won a gold medal, with partner Jill Bakken, in women's two person bobsled at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City.

When was Vonetta McGee born?

Vonetta McGee was born on January 14, 1945, in San Francisco, California, USA.

What movie and television projects has Vonetta Flowers been in?

Vonetta Flowers has: Played herself in "Hollywood Squares" in 1998. Played Cheerer in "Passing Glory" in 1999. Played herself in "OL Salt Lake City 2002" in 2002. Played herself in "Salt Lake City 2002: XIX Olympic Winter Games" in 2002. Played herself in "Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games" in 2006.