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Playground or theater, depending on the meaning of play

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The word recess means a break. They have recesses in courtrooms all the time. When you go to play at lunch, you are simply taking a break, or a recess.

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Q: What is to play as recess is to school?
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Why is recess not in middle school?

because its time to grow up and not have to go play

Why is recess a homograph?

Recess is a homograph because it is spelled the same and pronounced differently based on its meaning. As a noun, recess refers to a break or period of time in a school day for play. As a verb, recess means to recede or go back.

How do you show a girl you like them in middle school?

Ask her to play football with you at recess. She will know.

How do you be cool in a new school?

be nice to everyone even the geeks and play sports at recess

When do you go outside to play during school?

When you go outside to play during school this is called recess time, it is normally about 30 minutes long.

If it was recess time at school and you wanted to play Foursquare but you didn't have any rules to play it how would you play?

I would make our own rules

Middle school students have recess?

No of course not _____________________ Yes, actually, they do have a sort of 'recess' in middle school. They're allowed out - usually for anywhere between 20-45 minutes - and then brought back inside. The only real difference is that there's usually little or no play equipment in middle school.

Can you play in school?

You can play sometimes. There is recess and lunch. However, if you are in class, you should be paying attention and trying to learn instead of playing.

Where can you play recess special operations?

You can play recess special operations on

Should kids have recess in elementary school?

Recess provides children with the opportunity for social interactions, physical movement, and imaginative play, all factors important for child development.

What is the form of speech for recess?

The word "recess" is a noun. It refers to a period of time during the school day when students take a break from classes to play or relax.

Can middle school have recess?

can midde school have recess everybody wants to know can middle school have recess please let me know and did you know when middle school have recess you can lose weight by it please give me any answers back thank you your very kindly .^-^