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17,737- Sydney Rebecca Deutsch

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Q: What is the world record for pogo sticking?
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What is the World record for pogosticking?

the world record for pogo sticking is: 4,367 JUMPS

The world record for kids in pogo sticking?

I jumped 1,601 consecutive times on my pogo stick. I was trying to beat the world record of 1,187. I jumped 1,000 with my friend and I had 1 mistake I am still trying to break my record and the world record

Who is the youngest pogo sticking champion and what was there record?

the youngest pogo stck champoin was a 7 year old his name Devon Sloan 2013

What is the world record for most pogo stick bounces with no hands?

The world record for most pogo stick bounces with no hands is 206,864 bounces achieved by James Roumeliotis in 2010.

How many bounces on a pogo stick?

Pogo sticking is easy once you know how to do it. All you do is put your two feet on the pogo stick. Make sure you don't wobble and as soon as you get on and your hands are on start bouncing. Then you can do loads of jumps and maybe you could beat the world record.

What was the longest time a person has ever pogo-sticking?

the longest time on jumping on a pogo stick is 20hours and 20minutes. wow that's alot

Pogo sticking record 10 to 11 year olds?

crawford folk is 10 and he has done 3,250

My girlfriend has 7 pogo sticks Is this a world record?


What is the world record for kids pogo stick jumps?

6.957.000 Jumps I Think A Good Record

Have you beat a world record before?

I did when I was ten, I beat the record of most jumps on a pogo, but I had no idea at the time0:

The world record for a kid doing no handed pogo jumps?

Annika S. did 1,256 no handed pogo jumps. 5/12/10

World record pogo bounces?

9,000,000,000 my dad did it in 3 hours without faling