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What about lemon?

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Q: What is the world most sour fruit?
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Why do some fruits taste sour?

Some fruit tastes sour because, god makes them sour, we cant change the sour of a fruit or a vegetable.

What is the most famous Jelly-bean?

I would say it is tuti fruit and sour apple!

What is the most famous jelly bean?

I would say it is tuti fruit and sour apple!

Is sour lime a fruit or a vegetable?

It is a citrus fruit.

Are green skin fruits sourer than coloured fruits?

Most green fruits are sour such as kiwi's and limes, but alot of fruit are green before they are ripe and they are usually sour. So i think that green fruit is sourer than coloure fruit.

What is the most sour thing in the world?


What makes vinegar sour?

it depends on how much acid is in a fruit. If there is a lot of acid the pH is low, and the fruit is sour. If the pH is high, the fruit is more likely to be sweeter, and there is little acid in the fruit. The acid that causes the sourness in the fruit can vary, but is in many cases citric or ascorbic acid.

Can you use sour cream with fruit salads?

Yes, you can. There are many fruit salad recipes which include sour cream as an ingredient.

Is a guava sour?

Guava may be sweet or sour. Certain types can be substituted in recipes for Tomatoes as they provide a similar flavor and texture.

Which acid is found in sour fruits?

The lemons are a sour fruit.

Which fruit is the sourest?

I think it would be either a lemon a grapefruit (the yellow grapefruit is the most sour).

What are some sour fruits?

Some sour fruit could be green grapes, green apples, and mabey a grape fruit that you ate to early.