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Gold is commonly valued by the ounce.

There are 28.3495231 grams (or grammes) in one ounce.

Olympic gold medals are silver coated with at least 6 grams of gold.

At the current price of about US$1827 an ounce, the value of 6 grams would be US$386.67.

Gold and silver prices change several times a day, and might be much more or much less than the prices above.

But an Olympic gold medal has a value to collectors that far exceeds the intrinsic value of the gold and silver it contains.

Depending on the athlete and the date, it might be any value up to priceless.

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There are 31.103 grams in one troy ounce - based on today's spot of $952 .6 grams of pure 24k gold would be worth $18.36 For pure gold - Spot Price / 31.103 = gram value example - $952 / 31.103 = 30.60 per gram X .6 = $18.36 For Karat gold - 10,14,18, etc Spot Price / 31.103 X (percentage of pure gold in the item) = gram value You calculate the percentage of pure gold by dividing the karat by 24. 14K / 24K = 58% and 18K / 24K = 75% In this scenario your .6 grams of gold would be worth ... $952 / 31.103 X .58 = 17.74 per full gram X .6 = $10.64

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The gold medal is 92.5% silver plated with 6 grammes of gold.

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Q: What is the value of the 6 grammes of gold in an Olympic gold medal?
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How much 2012 Olympic gold metal each worth?

An Olympic Gold medal is worth 25,000 U.S. Dollars

Value of 1912 olympic gold medal?


Dollar value of olympic gold medal?

About 650 bucks

Cash value olympic gold medal?

As the Olympic Gold medals aren't entirely gold, they are around ₤500-₤2000

Is the London 2012 olympic gold medal reall gold?

Each gold medal is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 1.34 percent gold, with the remainder copper. The value of the materials in the gold medal is about $644

What is the value of an Olympic gold medal in pounds sterling?

What weight are the gold medals?

The BBC have just said 400 grammes per gold medal

What is an Olympic Gold Medal actually made of?

The Olympic gold medal is plated with six grams of pure gold. The medal is mostly silver (92.5%).

What does the olympic gold medal look like?

A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

What is the value of olympic gold medal?

As of February 10, 2014, the value of a 1912 Olympic Gold Medal (which was solid gold and the last time the Olympics distributed solid gold medals) is $984.24... The Gold Medal from the 1912 Olympics held in Stockholm, Sweden weighed in at approximately 24 grams of pure gold. At Auction of course it would be much more valuable because of the historical and sentimental value along with the precious metal.

When did Nigeria win her first Olympic gold medal?

Nigeria won her first Olympic gold medal in 1876

Is the olympic gold medal actually gold?

No not really the gold medal has 92.5% silver