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Two piece/two tip, or one piece?

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Q: What is the value of a lee wulff midge 6' armour cane fly rod?
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What is the value of a french cane gun?

no way to know with out information. See an auction service for apprasial.

How is real cane sugar different from fake cane sugar?

Real cane sugar comes from the sugarcane plant and is a natural sweetener, while fake cane sugar is an artificial sweetener made in a laboratory. Real cane sugar retains some of the natural nutrients found in sugarcane, whereas fake cane sugar is usually processed to create a sugar substitute without any nutritional value. Additionally, real cane sugar is regulated by the FDA, while fake cane sugar may be a blend of different artificial sweeteners.

What is the value of a Franklin D Roosevelt for President - 1932 cane?

I've seen one for sale for $300.00.

What is the cane beetle?

The cane beetle is a kind of beetle that eats sugar cane. It is the reason why they introduced the cane toad.

What crops were the cane toads supposed to protect?

Sugar cane, they were supposed to eat cane beetles, thus the cane in cane toad.

What makes a candy cane a candy cane?

Candy canes are hard sticks of candy that are bent into a cane shape. It is the cane shape that makes a candy cane a candy cane.

What rhymes with pain and means a walking stick?

A 'cane'.

Is Sugar Cane the Same as Cane Sugar?

Sugar cane refers to the tall grass plant from which sugar is extracted. Cane sugar, on the other hand, is the crystallized sugar that is processed and refined from sugar cane. In short, sugar cane is the raw plant, while cane sugar is the refined product.

What is the value of the 1939 world's fair cane ny?

The value of a 1939 World's Fair cane from New York can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and any unique features it may have. Generally, these canes can range in value from $50 to a few hundred dollars, but for an accurate appraisal, it's best to consult a professional antiques appraiser or check recent sales of similar items.

What was to control cane beetles in 1935?

cane toads

Is cane a noun?

Yes, the word cane is a noun (cane, canes) and a verb (cane, canes, caning, caned).Examples:Our sugar is made from sugar cane. (noun)I learned to cane chairs at the craft show. (verb)

What marsupials live in the sugar cane. ever heard of a cane bear?

No marsupials live in sugar cane. there is no such creature as a cane bear.