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unfortunetly about 25.00

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Q: What is the value of a H Hargrove painting depicting children playing baseball?
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Is there a painting of Rubens as a child called 'kinderkop'?

Well, the painting (and some drawings) is done by Rubens, depicting one of his children.

What is the value of H Hargrove painting called first step?

The value of Hargrove painting called the first step is between $900.00 and $1,500.00.

What is the value of a H hargrove painting depicting a paddle boat named delta queen?

Many of the paintings are valued at a price close to $20 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the piece.

What is the name of the H Hargrove painting from 1985 or older depicting a man with a boy on his shoulders picking apples from an apple tree?

I have seen it listed as "Boy Picking Apples". I bought that painting in 1988, and on the sales receipt it just says "Apples". I think that's an abbreviation.

What is the name of the H Hargrove painting of a boy at the zoo looking up at a giraffe?

The H. Hargrove painting of a boy at the zoo looking up at a giraffe is entitled, "Boy with Giraffes". H. Hargrove's real name is Nicolo Sturiano. He was born in 1941.

Where can I find a list of H Hargrove paintings from 1981?

I have a painting of the Memphis Delta Queen it says its by H. Hargrove is this true

Does h hargrove have a painting of a race at churchill downs?

yes i have it.

What is the value and authenticity of a H Hargrove painting depicting a winter scene with a red barn stone front fence and an old horse drawn wagon sitting in front of the barn in the snow?

I have a Hargrove painting. It pictures part of the front of a barn and a wagon on the side of the barn. It measures 12"x16" without the frame. with the frame it's 20"x24". I paid $55 at an antique store. It is signed on the front and also on the back by Hargrove. I had it appraised and they said that at an art gallery they would ask $1,250-$2,500 and they valued mine at $1,500. I hope this gives you some kind of idea on how much yours is worth. I have this same painting - it's a 12/ x 16 on canvas and is signed just "Hargrove". I have had this painting for about 20+ years. I do know know if it is worth anything or not.

What is the definition of a representational painting?

depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen as a painting

How much is a hargrove painting worth?

The value of H. Hargrove oil paintings has sky rocketed in value over the years since the 1980's. There has been a higher demand for his art work do to the quality, depth, colors and unforgettable scenic perfection. You can never go wrong with H. Hargrove and his work in the world of art.

What the name of the H. Hargrove painting of the air plans what is it worth?

yes what is worth

Did the artist H. Hargrove ever paint a picture of thoroughbred horses racing?

I just came from a consignment shop where there was a Kentucky Derby painting by H. Hargrove.