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5720 F ref. Victor Equipment Co. booklet OXY-FUEL Welding ,Cutting , and Heating Guide c.1996

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Q: What is the temperature of a neutral flame on a cutting torch?
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How hot does rocket fuel burn?

6,300 degrees fahrenheit which is the same temperature as the oxy-acetylene cutting torch flame and in fact the oxy-acetylene cutting torch flame looks exactly the same as the rocket engine flame. Vincent Majerowicz

Does flame cutting use a neutral flame or slightly oxidizing flame?

Flame cutting typically uses a slightly oxidizing flame, which contains more oxygen than a neutral flame. This helps enhance the cutting process by providing better combustion and faster oxidation of the metal being cut.

Which gas burns the hottest when cutting torch is used?

oxygen supports the combustion of the gas that one uses in the welding/cutting torch. Acetylene combined with Oxygen produces the hottest flame.

How much is the oxyacetylene flame temperature?

3315.555556ºC It is my understanding that an acetylene torch produces a flame temperature of approx. 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Explain oxy- acetylene welding process?

Oxygen and acetylene tanks feed into your torch. When opened, the gases will mix in a chamber in the torch, then flow out of the torch tip. Using a spark lighter, they will ignite causing a flame. This flame can be adjusted to a neutral flame by moving the knobs on the tank regulators.

Can anyone give you info on an Oxy-gasoline cutting system?

Do you mean oxyacetylene cutting? You need a cylinder of oxygen, a cylinder of Acetylene, appropriate regulators and flashback arrestors. Two gas hoses and a cutting torch. The torch mixes the two gasses to burn with a high intensity flame. A trigger on the torch, increases the oxygen flow in the centre of the flame, which cuts and blows the molten metal away.

Acetylene Torch?

An acetylene torch is a tool that uses acetylene gas and oxygen to produce a high-temperature flame for welding, cutting, and heating applications. The flame temperature can reach up to 3,500 degrees Celsius, making it useful for tasks that require intense heat. Acetylene torches are commonly used in metalworking, plumbing, and automotive repair.

Where does the Olympic games torch stay when the Olympics are not on?

The flame is put out at the end of the games and a new torch is designed for every game. Several torches are made and the flame is passed not the torch.

Does the temperature of flame vary?

Yes, the temperature of a flame can vary depending on the type of fuel and the amount of oxygen present during combustion. For example, a flame from a propane torch can reach temperatures of around 1,980°C (3,600°F), while a candle flame is typically around 1,000°C (1,800°F).

What do you mean oxyacetylene flame?

An oxyacetylene flame is a type of hot, precise flame created by combining oxygen and acetylene gases in a welding torch. This flame is commonly used in metal cutting, welding, and brazing applications due to its high temperature and ability to produce a concentrated heat source.

What is deactivated gun?

It is a firearm that cannot be fired or used to discharge ammunition. Parts are removed and sealed by welding, or by flame cutting with a torch. Once deactivated, it is no longer legally a gun.

Was it the flame of destruction or the torch of?

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