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Q: What is the second and third most profitable NCAA sports?
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Can a convicted felon participate in NCAA sports?

Can a convicted felony coach NCAA sports

What percentage of all 50 states is represented in NCAA?

The percentage of all 50 states that is represented in the NCAA is 100%. There are many different sports that are covered in the NCAA. Not all NCAA sports are division I sports.

What NCAA sports have a playoff system?

The NCAA basketball tournament

How many students athletes participate NCAA sports?

a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

How many NCAA sports?

There are 19 sports in men's and women's

In NCAA baseball a batter bunts with a runner on second base and advances him to third is this a sacrifice?

Yes it is considered a sacrifice.

Who has the second most NCAA basketball titles?

The Kentucky Wildcats have the second most NCAA titles with 8. UCLA has the most with 11 while Indiana is third with 5, North Carolina has 4 and Kansas and Duke have 3 a piece.

What is the most profitable NCAA sport?

Football this sport brings more money to its schools

What college program has the most titles in all sports?

The answer to this question is tricky. There are several different 'titles' that have been won since universities began competing in sports. There are NCAA titles which go back several decades (sorry, I do not know the history of the NCAA, but they have a website: The NCAA gives out 'titles' to teams and to individuals. There have been other institutions before the NCAA that gave out 'titles' to universities. The only definitive answer that I know of, is based on NCAA team titles. UCLA has won 104 team titles with Stanford and USC in second and third with fifteen-to-twenty less team titles.

What are the GPA's for NCAA sports?

average of 9.0

What is the organization oversees college sports?


When will NCAA 11 come out?

NCAA Basketball 10 was the last NCAA Basketball made by EA Sports. EA Sports canceled the making of any more NCAA Basketballs. However, 2K Sports may pick it back up, after letting it go after College Hoops 2K8. But for now (June 7, 2011), the newest (and probably best) version is NCAA Basketball 10 by EA Sports.

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