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Q: Which NCAA sport gets the best grades?
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What sport gets you the best condition?


What is the best sport to get taller?

I beleive that basketball is the best sport to get taller because when you shoot,dunk or do a layup you stretch up that means your body gets taller

Does drake Parker get good grades?

No he does not get good grades he gets bad grades!

Use the word favored in a sentence?

Mrs. Woods favored Mary because she gets some of the best grades in the class.

What is the contrapositive of the statement If he does his homework then he gets good grades?

If he does not get good grades, he does not do his homework.

What league of basketball gets hurt the most from ACLs?

Women ncaa

What sport get the ryder cup?

golf sport gets the ryder cup

Which sport gets you fittest?

I think its swimming

What is the best sport out there that gets you energized?

I think sport stacking ( really energizes me. It may sound bad but believe me it is FUN!!!!!!!! Trust ME Swimming is the best because it works all muscle groups with no wear or impact to your joints. Bicycling is good cardio with no joint damage

What sport gets you a taller?

No sport will make you grow taller. Growth is a matter of nutrition and genetics.

Which sport athlete gets paid the most?


How can you get into sports?

You have to have a burning passion to play that sport. You have to train in that sport. You have to play that sport. You have to eat right. It doesn't matter what your parents were it is YOU that gets into sports.