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I believe they play a 44 game schedule that begins in mid June and ends in mid August. There are 10 teams total. 5 teams in each division. Top 2 teams from each division play a best of 3 series. Winners of those series play a best of 3 for the championship. Teams generally play different teams nightly with an occasional back to back game against the same opponent.

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I'm not sure exactly what the age limit is, but I do know that you can not be draft eligible in order to compete in the CCBL. With that said, the league is populated with Freshmen and Sophomores from college which probably puts their ages somewhere between 18-20 or so. In College Baseball, unlike the NBA, you must play for at least 3 years (completing your JR. season before becoming draft eligible).

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Q: What is the schedule for the cape cod baseball league?
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Cape Cod Baseball League was created in 1885.

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Cape Cod Baseball League's motto is 'Where the Stars of Tomorrow Shine Tonight'.

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The mose elite baseball league for summer college players is the Cape Cod League. After that, there are many leagues in the next tier that move up or down in prestige based on the talent and overall performance. Northwoods, Alaska, Coastal Plains are competitive but there are many more as well. Cape Cod is an elite level league and spots are coveted by players. An invitation to play is a great honor, but many drafted players have been scouted from other leagues.

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the cape cod league. each town/area has one. ex. chatham A's, cotuit kettelers

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