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Q: What is the retail price for a peace sport 50cc scooter?
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What is the Kelly Blue Book price on my 87 luxury sport Monte Carlo?

1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport in low a retail situation, $3,425. Average retail sit, $5,000. High retail sit, $9,000. It's all about condition and factory options.

What are the best scooter wheels on a phoenix?

Eagle sport wheels

What's the suggested retail price of a Timex Ironman GPS watch?

... Performance Monitor Sport Watch. Timex Speed + Distance Sensor. Timex Digital Heart Rate Monitor. Timex Suggested Retail Price - $300 ... Works with highly accurate GPS ...

How do you change the oil on a CPI Oliver Sport scooter?

Max Webberley

What type of vespa scooter is used in FLCL?

A Vespa Super Sport

How too run a schwinn sport scooter without a cdi box?

what wire do i cut on a cdi box on a schwinn scooter 49.5cc

How much did a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 2-door cost brand new?

According to my 1999 Consumer Guide book : The 1999 Explorer Sport - 2 wheel drive - retail price was $20,065 The 1999 Explorer Sport - 4 wheel drive - retail price was $23,045 This has to be the base price because they list optional equipment packages,: Convenience group / comfort group / premium Sport group / trailer prep etc. To get the SOHC version required a person to get the 5 speed automatic , so there was a $ 540 charge for the engine + $ 1095 for the 5 speed auto trans. and a $ 525 destination charge .So, quite a price range depending on equipment.

What size battery does a 49cc scooter require?

My Oliver Sport 50 takes a 5lbs

Which sport is better bmx or scooter?

BMX! is a awesome sport but so is scootering like my friend dose both he can do tail whips on his scooter its tight and i know people who can do all kinds of cool tricks on a bike so basicly its a personal discion

What are the best wearing wheels for razor ultra pro scooter?

eagle sport blunt proto

Will hyosung scooter parts work for Alpha Sport Kalibar LS Scooter I dont want to pay 50 dollars for a freaking brake pad...?

02-05 yamaha jog or gen 2 zuma will fit the scooter drum brakes

How much is the Sport Retail Industry Worth?

14 billion pounds