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My friend told me that the longest game of tag lasted 2 years or something.

My son and his kindergarten teacher have been playing tag for 6 years. They have been sneaking up on each other on the playground, on the sidewalk, in the grocery store, etc. Right now my son is "it". The teacher "got" him in the hallway yesterday!

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The longest laser tag marathon is 26 hr 40 sec and was achieved by Zap Zone (USA) in Canton, Michigan, USA, from 22- 23 August 2019. There were 8 players on each team and they played twenty-four 1 hour long games. It is likely that we have all experienced the exhilarating adrenaline rush of being on the combat field in an all-out attack on the opposition team, sprinting across the battlefield, hiding behind barriers, and storming the opposing team's bunker. Mobile Laser tag games, are the best options as you have the option of selecting your own arena at your desired place. No longer are you need to be within close proximity of your target. No longer are you had to wear bulky vests; and no longer are you have to run around the same old fighting field in a dark room. Introducing the most technologically sophisticated mobile laser tag game you will ever experience.

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The longest recorded laser tag games were 60 minutes in Dale City, Virginia, at Laser Quest, Potomac Mills.

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Q: What is the record for the longest game of tag?
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