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There are many purposes for Sporting Events. Sporting Events are promoted to bring in money for the local economy, promote family bonding and values, and to pit two teams against each other in the same event to simply see who is better.

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Building character and striving to be your best

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Q: What is the purpose of sporting events?
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What is the difference between the A and B sporting events?

The 'A' sporting events are a higher class than the 'B' sporting events. Sporting is a lot more competitive and there are more skilled competitors in the 'A'

What is the purpose of a trophy?

A trophy is awarded as a prize to symbolise victory or success. Trophies are particularly used in sporting events.

Is sporting events a compound noun?

No, events is a noun, sporting in an adjective.

Football or other sporting events?

more likely foot ball

Drugs used in major sporting events?

You shouldn't even be Taking drugs in Sporting events Dumba**.

The main purpose of the Colosseum was to provide what?

Entertainment. They held many different types of sporting events there, most of them quite cruel by today's standards.

What is the purpose of the Massmutual Center?

The Massmutual Center is built in Springfield Massachusettes. It is a multi-purpose convention center and arena. Many sporting events happen there and it was the former home of the Hartford Whalers.

What kind of events does the US Cellular Coliseum hold?

U.S. Cellular Coliseum is a multi-purpose sporting and entertainment venue in Bloomington, Illinois. It is the home of several minor league sports teams. Many of the events at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum are primarily sporting events, but music concerts and comedy shows are held there as well.

What is the purpose of aerial advertising?

The purpose of aerial advertising is to raise public awareness of a product or service . It is especially effective in places where large crowds gather, such as amusement parks, beaches, or sporting events.

How many sporting events are there in Olympics in 2012?

There are 302 events

Are there any sporting events or religious events?

Many thousands.

What did the winners of sports events get?

Does the winner of the Sporting events get a trophy