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Q: What is the popular sports in Rhode Island?
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What are Rhode Island's sports teams?

The Pawtucket Red Sox is one of Rhode Island's sports teams. They are known locally as the Pawsox. The Providence Bruins is another Rhode Island sports team.

Is mountaineering popular in Rhode Island?


What is a sports team of rhode island?

the providence steamrollers

What is the second most popular state?

It is Rhode Island Look It UP Or Check A Book For Rhode Island!

What is a popular city in Rhode Island?

Providence, newport, and narragansett

What is the most popular design college?

Rhode Island School of Design is the most popular design college.

What religion was most popular in colonial rhode island?

Christianity, of course.

Is NOT a state Rhode Island Louisiana Sacramento Montana?

Rhode Island

Smallest state in us?

Smallest state in the US is Rhode Island.It is smallest in terms of area.

What is the official name of Rhode Island?

"State of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations".

What US state has the capital of Providence?

Rhode Island. Providence is the capital City.

Rhode Island's state bird?

The state bird of Rhode Island is the "Rhode Island Red" (a type of chicken).