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The stand, the witnesses are called to the stand.

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Q: What is the place where witnesses stand in the court called?
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The place where a judge sits in court - what is it called isn't it called a stand or something?

It is technically the bench - but this term is never used in daily court business. The more common term - 'the stand' - is where witnesses stand to give testimony. In some systems the accused will sit in 'the dock' - however this practice has difficulties when witnesses are asked to identify the person they saw commit the crime (i.e. "It's that man behind bars with two police officers beside them")

Why is it called quran stand?

because Muslims place the Qur'an on the stand this is why they called it the Qur'an stand

What is the place where he stand called?

That place is called the umpire where the man makes the call safe or out

Who do lawyers call to the stand?

witnesses and testifiers.

Where the pins stand in a triangle formation called in bowling?

The place where the pins stand is called the "Pin Deck"

Do you have to speak in front of everyone in the court?

If you are called upon to testify, you will have to speak from the witness stand in open court.

What is a place for a bird to stand called?

A perch.

Can a witness call someone to the stand?

Attorneys can call witnesses, but witnesses cannot call anyone themselves.

Where does the quran book stand?

It is placed at some height and a clean place or stand called Rahal.

Where do people stand on the netball court?

were do people stand on the court in netball IS NOT USEFULL

Why are flat surfaces called a faces?

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Do witness statements fall in place with facts in a court case?

Witness statements (usually given to the police during the investigation stage) are used to build the case against the defendant. The actual witnesses, themselves, will be subpoeanad to court and will testify in person. While on the stand both the prosecution and the defense will have the opportunity to question them, as well as refer to the original statements they made to the police.

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