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The number one selling basketball jersey today is Micheal Jordan." Number one baseball jersey is "Derek Jeter". Number one soccer jersey is "anyone" on the Manchester United team. No one cares about hockey. Number one football jersey is "Manning" of either colts or giants. Number one golf jersey is "Tiger Woods." Number one squirrel surfing jersey is "Brown Tail." I dont really care about any other sports so that's it.

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Q: What is the number one selling jersey today?
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Why is Ichiro Suzuki's Jersey number 51?

Despite popular belief that it was his Little League was not. Ichiro was issued number 51 when he joined the Mariner's as a rookie. Later on after he had shown that he was a prominent player not only for the Mariner's but one of the best in MLB he was offered a lower number. The lower number was '07'. Ichiro declined the lower number '07' and stays number '51' to this day.

Which professional atheletes wear number 1?

Anyone can wear the number 1 on their jerseys. If only the players who were truly #1, and the number really determined how good the player, Gilbert Arenas, one of the best ballers in the history, would be 0 good. So, anybody can have the number 1. The jersey number doesn't determine the player's abilities or potential.

Where can one purchase football jersey cards?

One can purchase football jersey cards from the following sources: Sports Buy, eBay, Football Collectible, Football Card Shop, Amazon, Overstock, Blow Out Cards.

Does only irichio suzuki use his first name on his MLB jersey?

In Ichiro Suzuki's country, one's first name is considered their family name or surname, so Suzuki is his personal name. Following our tradition of putting the family name/ surname on the jersey, like Ramirez or Smoltz, he put Ichiro on his jersey.

Should your soccer jersey number be 70 robinho on AC or 9 Ronaldo the real one or 20 Freddy Adu or 14 Chicharito or 10 Pele and ronaldinho and kaka?

definitely 10. 10 is traditionally the number worn by the best player on the team in soccer. In fact, during the last world cup, nike released a commercial about all the #10s in soccer.

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