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Q: What are the top selling Nike basketball shoes of all time?
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What is the best selling brand of shoe of all time?


Why was michael jordan chosen for jordans?

Because he was a very famous basketball player at the time .. To add on Nike wanted to make another company to expand their sales. They need a star to sell the shoes so they chose Jordan. MJ had the option between adidas and nike and chose nike.

Was Micheal Jordon the spokes person for Nike shoes?

Yes for a time, he was the spokesman for air jordan shoes.

What is Nike's unique selling point?

Nike, one of the most powerful brands in the world, has a very strong slogan. Even if you take away the logo and the brand name, people will still think of Nike every time they see "Just Do It". However, it does not really convey their USP explicitly. Professional athletes from around the world use Nike even today and that's what Nike's unique selling proposition is. When you buy a Nike, you buy shoes that are made for professional athletes. Since many professional athletes use Nike, you should buy one too.

What product does Nike make?

A majority of the time shoes but they also sell Jackets and sweats.

Is Nike 6.0 shoes good for basketball?

yup yes it dependes on the stlye because for baskettball i use jordans or nike air. they have to be high top so you don't hurt you're ankles trust me i used my low cut nikes 6.o and my ankles were throbing after practice you defenetly need proper shoes just ask next time you go to a shoe store like journeys or the nike store.

What is the best selling basketball jersey of all time?

Michael Jordan

What are the top 10 selling football jersey of all time?

nike vick deion sander

Will nike take back a personalized pair of shoes?

yes they will within the 30 day time period

Where can I find Discounted and long lasting Nike shoes?

Purchasing a good brand of shoe such as Nike is wise because they will last you a long time. Check your local ads for sales on shoes and you are sure to find a great discounted price.

What were shoes like a long time ago?

A long time ago they had pink Nike heels that Zaria turner created in the Renaissance

What should I ask in buying new shoes?

When buying running shoes, you should ask if you could be fitted into some running shoes, as size is extremely important when it comes to shoes. If your looking for a specific fabric in the running shoes, you could ask about synthetic linings. IF your buying "Nike" running shoes, I suggest you should ask if they could tell you the 2 dates of the shoes, because "Nike" dates their shoes to the time that they were made, and the time when they were completed. Which means, the time that they were completed determines how long the shoe is good for, "Nike" associates say that the shoes are good for 2 years after that date. You should also ask if they could recommend a specific running shoe for the activity you may or may not be using them for.

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