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A "team" sport has more than one player on a side or team. Football, Baseball, soccer, hockey and Basketball are all team sports. An "individual" sport has single opponents playing against each other. Wrestling is an individual sport. Golf is an individual sport that can have many opponents in the same game and it can have a group of golfers form a team but each player is an individual player. Tennis is an individual sport when played as "singles" and a team sport when played as "doubles" but can also have teams put together with singles and doubles.

Sports in which only one player per team competes at a time, with individual scores counting toward the team score.

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the nature of individual sports is to teach self confidence and originality. Of course there is a team that you practice with, but when its show time, its only you. it also teaches you self trust. the nature of it all really is to be independent and make your own desicions.

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The most popular sports in the United States are team sports: American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. There are also sports that have both team and individual components, such as swimming, skiing, golf, and tennis. Almost any individual sport can be converted to a team game by simply aggregating participants around some grouping principle: U.S. versus the world, nation versus nation, pros versus amateurs, and so on.

A good place to start in identifying individual sports is to examine the list of Olympic sports, both summer and winter. Any sport where one person (rather than a team) is awarded a medal can be considered an individual sport. Applying this rubric yields the following list:


Swimming (non-relay)



Mountain Biking

Road and track cycling

Equestrian sports

Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling


Track and Field (non-relay)

Badminton (singles)





Rowing (singles)

Sailing (singles)


Table tennis


Tennis (singles)



Figure skating (singles)

Speed skating (individual)

Cross-country skiing

Alpine skiing

Ski jumping

Nordic combined

Freestyle skiing





There are other sports (martial arts, for instance) that may not be part of the Olympic schedule but which are also individual sports. The foregoing is a good list to start with.

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A rather interesting question:

Gymnastics, as indicated via its categoric placement, is one such. Others might be team equestrian events - dressage, etc, and some of the Martial Arts.

Sports like these are really individual competition that has been organized in a way that each individual's personal score is applied to some team total - thus making a team sport from what is also individual competition.

But what about the reverse of this - a team sport made into some kind of individual competition??!!

In this instance, it might have been appropriate that the question has also been placed in the Australian football section; as more traditionally, there has been a competitive, end-to-end, or kick-to-kick activity associated with this sport for generations. This Australian football sports activity is really an individual competition for a ball within the gambit of Aussie Rules football - a team sport!

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it is a sport that can be played by your self

think of it as a 1 on 1 game

tennis, ping pong, etc.

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  1. Poker
  2. Chess
  3. houres racing
  4. pool
  5. fishing
  6. Golf
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