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Michael Jordan is all I know. Famous anyways.

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Q: What is the names of the athletes who played at least 3 sports?
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What sports is Oman competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Try Then click on athletes, then pick "Oman". You'll get pictures of the athletes with their names and their sports.

What are the names of black people that play sports?

They are called athletes, just like people who are not black.

What has the author Toni Williamson written?

Toni Williamson has written: 'Twenty names in sport' -- subject(s): Athletes, Biography, Juvenile literature, Sports, Women athletes

Names of Irish athletes competing in 2008 Olympics?

* Introduction and Summary * Athletes - Irish Athletes in The Olympics * Sports - Sports by Irish Athletes * Schedule - When Irish Athletes and teams are competing * LIVE Olympics Coverage Online From August 9th, through to August 24th, Ireland's 53 athletes, and 6 horses compete in 13 different sports, and more than 42 different events. Ireland also has a large team of Coaches, Managers, Medical Team, an Olympic Attache - an Irish guy living in Beijing, and members of the Olympic Council of Ireland team and mentors. Alll the Irish Names, Athletes, sports and events are available and their schedule and live online coverage - at

What are some names of sports played in Fiji?

some names of sports played in fiji are fijian basketball and fijian soccer and fijian football and fijian cheerleading and fijian volleyball

What are the names of some sports where stimulants are used by athletes?

th babseball team call the mets and the football team call the dolphins

What are the names of the sport players?


What are the names of the sporting players?


What are the names of the athletes in Trinidad tobago?

what are the names of the athletes from trinidad and tobago who will be participating in the 2012 olympic games and what is their field of endeavour

Is Iran participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Iran has an athlete in some sport at the Olympics in London. You can visit the Olympic site in London, the names of the athletes and the sports they see.

What are the names of famous athletes who last names with the letter u?

Johnny Unitas

What are the names of famous athletes who's first names start with A?

Alex Rodriguez

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