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without doubt a football team is the largest club i the world....begins with M and ends in has to be a football team because such sports as all the American sports are only played in or around there own borders...where as us English invented the rules of football....every single country which has embraced football..have re-invented the game of football...and know one nation plays a similar sort of game..and that is the beauty of the game...the reason that football is the the sport of kings is because it is cheap and you can it any where without forking out large amounts of money..or even large amount of can be played with ...way over a hundred....saying that i wouldn't fancy being in the net for the latter....

AnswerManchester United would probably be, seeing as they are the richest club in the world, in the hugely popular club football scene. They also have legions of diehard fans on every continent, that's hard to beat. AnswerManchester Utd have the widest fan base of any team in the world, especially in China and Indonesia - and you'd have to say that anyone who has those places has the world, since 20% of the world is Chinese and 4% is Indonesian (cp 7% EU, 4.6% USA, 1.9% Japan).

Of other soccer teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Inter & AC, Juventus and of course now Chelsea, have international followings, but not even Real can match Man U's sales of shirts and TV rights around the world (it helps that Man U are playing in a truly exciting league, but that's another matter).

US sports teams fail to make much impact outside of America and former American colonies/occupied territories (such as Cuba and Japan), which is partly a result of the structure of US sports: with no relegation/promotion and with spending caps, no team dominates for more than a season or so, meaning that it's hard to pick up an international following. As well as, of course, the fact that they have so many ad breaks that no international viewers ever stick around for the end of a game. New York Yankees might appear popular on the streets of Europe and South America, but really its their caps that are.

And it's from South America that the world's most popular team truly comes from (though it lives for the most part in Europe): Brazil's national football team, without doubt the most graceful, charismatic and successful sports team in the world. They're everyone's 'second team' and make wearing yellow look good.

AnswerAgree with some... popularity.. Mexico is a soccer country, ask about Manchester United, nobody will tell u is a popular team, Real Madrid now, 2005 is most popular, as Brasil Natl Team also is.Anyway like it or not NY Yankees are known everywhere around the world even if baseball is only a minor sport. Of course because of the movies, caps.. but the REAL TRUE IS that is far more known. Can't say that of Manchester U. (try to ask a farmer from Nebraska or Idaho..). AnswerI have to agree with one of two of the previous posts. The most popular and well known athletic team in the world would have to be either the LA Lakers or the NY Yankees.

The person who claimed than Man Utd. was more popular simply based on the total population of China and Indonesia? Well, their argument would be more valid if the majority of people in those countries - especially China, were wealthy enough to own televisions or purchase tickets to soccer games. I know there are plenty of people living there who do not live in poverty, but the fact remains that many, many people in these overcrowded, poor countries don't even have electricity or running water.

Just because a country is very heavily populated doesn't mean that ''everyone'' who lives there has the same tastes or preferences either.

So the ''population'' argument is moot.

While soccer is ''finally'' gaining popularity over here, the only reason so many people in the US are familiar with Manchester, is because Beckham and his Spice Girl were/are plastered all over the tabloids so often. Even then unless the reader is a soccer (of football) fan, someone might recognize his name ("Mr. Posh Spice" LOL)or his face yet still have no idea what Manchester United is.

AnswerI think as far as having the most FANS probably Man U takes it. However as far as overall popularity or recognition... no one comes close to the Yankee logo. You can go anywhere in the world from eskimos up north to islanders in the south pacific and you will find SOMEONE wearing a Yankee Cap or T-shirt... even in Manchester and Liverpool!!!

The same cant be said about Man. U. Like I said, I do believe the most numerous, loyal and rabid fans of anyteam in the world.. but I don't think they are the Red Devils are the most RECOGNIZABLE...

The only team that I believe comes close is the BRAZIL National team. That yellow and green jersey is unmistakeable.. AND it has become a big fashion statement to wear... particulary here in New YOrk and in Miami..... I wear it myself and I am not from Brazil

AnswerI'm from China and i want to clarify that Basketball and not soccer, is now the most popular sport here. The Rockets(Yao) or the Chicago Bulls followed by Real Madrid and then Manchester City (Chinese player Sunjihai plays there) would be the most popular teams here. AnswerAlthough I stand on saying that Yankees are the most KNOWN sports team in the world there's no doubt about that on the soccer side Real Madrid is the most important Club Team and only Brazil is at the same level. Ask any player: there are great teams in the world but only TWO that any professional player dream to face or play in, REAL MADRID and BRAZIL'S NATIONAL TEAM. The rest, Milan, Manchester U., Bayern Munich, etc are just great teams. the problem is that living in an anglosaxon country make u have a missperception of the reality (UK case is a good example). Real Madrid has followers all around the world, Europe, America, Asia... You wouldn't find a Manchester fan in the whole LatinAmerica which is, as far as I know, SOMETHING in the soccer world. AnswerThe worlds most popular team has to come from the worlds most popular game, so it has to be Football "Soccer"....The World Game. My choice is Real Madrid as the most popular and successful football club team in history and Brazil as the most successful and popular country team in history. Both are widely supported right across every corner of the globe, especially Europe, Asia, and South America. Manchester United would be 3rd on my list, however does not have the reach in South America and Real Madrid have overtaken them in Asia. Real Madrid having just overtaken Manchester United as the biggest club earner in football is further proof of their popularity. AnswerThe awnser is right under your fingertips...the internet will tell you that the most searched far is the Dallas Cowboys..there has to be something to be said for that...and the Manchester united argument...the population of china completley blows out the population of the entire European area...china is a very loyal no Manchester united is not the most popular team in the world...Yankees or Cowboys is number 1 by merchandise salesz worldwide...look it up! AnswerTo the last person that said the cowboys or the Yankees were the most popular team in the world...

Fact 1: The number of internet hits and merchanise sale is not a true reflection on the popularity of a team. The sheer buying power of the US alone would dwarf many many countries. Football is "the world game" and most countries in Africa, Asia and South America simply don't have the money to buy these little luxuries that we enjoy. American sports are big money sports, unfortunately the vast majority of it's following and popularity are very much confined to the US.

Fact 2: The Football World Cup is the largest single sporting event on the planet, watched by even more people than the Olympic games, which is the 2nd largest sporting event, therfore it is crystal clear where the most poular team in the world would come from.

AnswerWhat the Cowboys person said, as I do, is that Yankees are probably the most KNOWN sport team. Of course this doesn't mean most popular -no one argues soccer popularity worldwide- and opposed to what you state, no soccer team is as known simply because there are too many popular soccer teams. Contrary to this, Yankees capitalize most of the following outside the US, from baseball fans, same can be said about NFL Cowboys. Yankee logo is unbeatable.I live in Europe so have a litle perspective on this. AnswerYou guys have the wrong idea. Really even though soccer is the most popular sport in the world, by viewing power and cheering power it has to be the ny Yankees. The Yankees have grabbed players from all parts of the world, (ie: hideki matsui from japan, chien-ming wang from tawian, Jose contreras from cuba, mariano rivera form panama, just to name a few)they grab the interest of every culture with a tv. While in America our football is the most popular sport and the Green Bay Packers are probably the most popular team, in the world the Yankees are a staple. You couldn't go to a country with a tv and find no one who knows the Yankees. Besides although man u is popular in America no one knows them. We do have quite a few people here.
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Traditionally, football (or soccer in America) is the most popular sport in the world. Following soccer are these:

2. Cricket

3. Basketball

4. Baseball

5. Rugby Union

6. Field Hockey

7. Volleyball

8. Ice Hockey

9. American Football

10. Rugby League

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One of the most popular sports in the world is football, or as it is called in America, soccer. As for the most popular sports in the United States the two highest are Basketball and Football.

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just because most people watch FIFA world cup i would say soccer

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The most popular sport world-wide is soccer (futball, football). Other popular sports include: cricket and Baseball.

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Soccer. The worlds biggest sport officially.

The world plays soccer.

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