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The very high end Panerai watches are popular with the wealthy. The most popular version of this watch brand is the PAM Luminor, which is made out of titanium.

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Q: What is the most popular Panerai watch?
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What kind of watch does Bruno Tonioli wear?

he wears a Panerai

Is Panerai a good brand of watch?

Panerai is a company that's been around for quite some time and has a reputation for "vintage" watches. Yes, Panerai is good quality and expensive. You will find what you are looking for.

What watch does mick st john wear in moonlight?

Apparently, it's a Panerai watch ($5,000+). I'm not positive but I think it's a Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic 44mm Steel Watch #PAM 104 .

What type of watch does Jason Statham wear in Transporter 2?

It is a Panerai... yeah but what kind of Pan

Is Panerai a good brand for cars?

Panerai is a watch designer, not a car manufacturer. They do however have watch styles that were specifically designed with a luxury car in mind. The Panerai Granturismo Ferrari watch was created for the SR auto groups Ferrari California Project car. They have also created other styles to match Ferrari designs.

Where can you buy a good panerai replica watch?

Online shopping will be a good choice.

What site has reviews on Panerai watches?

Go to the official panerai watch site to learn more about the watch itself along with company history and other products they offer. The site has many reviews to read up on also.

When was Panerai created?

Panerai was created in 1860.

When was Umberto Panerai born?

Umberto Panerai was born in 1953.

Are there any stores that carry many Panerai watches?

Their are many stores that carry Panerai watches it would depend on your location. In London I would try The Watch Gallery 129 Fulham Road London SW3 6RT

What is a Paneri watch product?

The Panerai is an Italian watch company but are produced in Switzerland, they make watches that are special editions and are limited, these watches are very fashionable and versatile.

Where can one find the Panerai watch?

Panerai watches come in four major lines of watches, Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura and Special Editions. Most of the watches are produced in a limited quantity. The official website for the watches is ( ). On the website click the boutique tab and it will direct you to a world wide map of boutiques that sell these watches.