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Q: What is the most played sport in South Africa?
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What is africa's most played sport?

Africa's most played sport is football (soccer)

What is the most common sport played in south Africa?

Football. Cricket is also considered

What is the most common sport in south Africa?


What is the most paying sport in south Africa?


What is the most famous sport in africa?

rugby union in the winter and cricket in the summer. But althogether probably rugby. Most sports are also played in South Africa

What is South Africa's national sport?

South Africa does not have a national sport. The most common sports are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket though none are officially a national sport.

What is the most played sport in Africa?

Football (soccer)

Which sport gets the most media coverage in south Africa?


Which sport gets the most financial backing in South Africa?


What is the most popular sport in South Africa?

Football aka Soccer

What is the most popular sport played in Madagascar Africa?


Why is football the most popular sport in south Africa?

If by south Africa you mean South Africa, it isn't. Rugby is actually the most popular sport, and by far the sport they have had the most success in, though I suppose that is one of the many sports that can be referred to as "football". If by south Africa you mean southern Africa, I'm not aware of it being any more popular in southern Africa than the rest of Africa, where it is popular because it is cheap to play, Africa has a warm climate conducive to outdoor sports, and because of the British and French colonial presence there in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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