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The boxing kangaroo.

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Q: What is the mascot of the Australian Olympic team?
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Does the Nicaraguan Olympic team have a mascot?


What is the unofficial mascot of the Australian team?

A rooster

How many humans were in the 2008 Australian Olympic team?

There were 433 athletes that were in the Australian Olympic team went to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

What type of animal is Pride the Team GB Olympic mascot?


Is Wenlock the Olympic mascot or the Paralympic mascot?

Wenlock is the Olympic mascot

Who is on the Australian volleyball team?

unfortunately as skilled as the australian players are , we dont have a competitive olympic team from australia..

What is the name of the Australian Olympic football team?


What is this years Australian Olympic mascot?

Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying, Ni Ni

Which winter olympic mascot was copper the coyote?

copper winter olympic mascot

What is the Australia team name for the basketball in the olympic games?

the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers

How many athletes competed on the 2004 Australian Olympic team?


How many athletes competing in the 2008 Australian Olympic team?