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The Banana Slug, a bright yellow, slimy, shell-less mollusk found in the campus's redwood forest, was the unofficial mascot for UC Santa Cruz's coed teams since the university's early years. The students' adoption of such a lowly creature for a team mascot was their reaction to the fierce athletic competition fostered at most American universities. UCSC has always offered a wide-ranging physical education and recreation program designed to appeal to the greatest number of students, but it has based its approach on some unusual ideas: that athletics are for all students, not just team members of major sports; that the most important goal of a collegiate physical education department should be to introduce as many students as possible to lifelong physical activities; and that the joy of participating is more important than winning. Source:

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The mascot for the University of California at Santa Cruz is the banana slug.

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The mascot for Northridge is a pun on words. Its name is Matty the Matador, and is featured in images holding a red and black bold letter N as a matadors cape.

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Q: What is the mascot name for CSU Santa Cruz?
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