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Q: What is the main role of protein in the diet?
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What were the main components of the diet of the American Eskimo?

The main component of the American Eskimo diet is protein. This diet is rich in protein such as fish, deer, walrus and whale. Their diet is low in carbohydrates.

Does the Golgi body play a major role in protein synthesis?

No. The Golgi bodies do not have a role. The main organelles involed in protein synthesis are the nucleolis, ribosomes, and mitochondria.

Are beans allowed on a vegetarian diet?

Of corse! Beans are a main source of protein for vegetarians.

What role does diet play in a body building program?

Diet plays a very important role in bodybuilding. it is very important to eat fruits, vegetables and lots of protein to achieve best results.

What is the nutrient with the main role of helping to build lean muscle tissues?


What best describes the role of nitrogen in the human body?

it is the main ingredient of protein

What causes lack of protein?

lack of protein is usually associated with vegans,vegetarians but is when the person is not receiving enough protein though their diet and usually stems from not eating meat as that is the main source of protein for humans.

What are the main concerns of a liquid protein diet on health?

Liquid protein diets can work, but not without some severe consequences. A liquid diet can cause bowel damage, and upset your stomach because our bodies are designed to process solid foods. Also, too much protein in the diet can damage the kidneys.

Should nuts play an important role in the diet of all vegetarians?

Yes, Because Nuts are high in protein and Vegetarians need extra protein as they dont eat meat.

What are the four main nutrients in a person's diet that can be tracked by reading food labels?

Calories, protein, fiber, fat.

What role does the hemoglobin play in the body?

its a protein that is the main part of and resides in your red blood cells. The protein contains iron that carries oxygen to the cells.

Can you tell me about protein diet plans?

WebMD evaluates a protein diet called Protein Power here: They describe the overall scope of the diet and give some sample meals, as well as discussing the science supporting the diet.