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Q: What is the lowest point total for a team in NBA history?
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What team has average the highest point total in ncaa tournament history?


How do you determine point differential in volleyball?

Point differential is determined by subtracting total points lost from total points won for each team. The highest plus or the lowest minus remainder shall be considered the superior team for tie-breaking purposes.

What is the lowest team ERA in baseball history?

In MLB, 1.22 by the 1876 St. Louis Brown Stockings of the National League.

What does the song A Team mean?

A prostitute that does cocaine but he means she is at her lowest point in life and she will improve.

What team has Michael Jordan had the lowest career point average against?

Chicago Bulls

Which team did Sri Lanka dismiss for the lowest one day total ever?


Which cricket team lostest score in world cup 1999?

Canadda team has lowest score in world cup.That is total of just 36 runs.

What makes you a team player?

It depends on the competition format. If it is stroke play, there will be a team of (typically) five players. Of the five, each round the four lowest player scores will be added to the team total. Essentially, it is the same as individual stroke play in that the scores from each round add up, but the team total is the summation of the four best scores of the five players each round totalled. In match play, the players receive a point for each hole that they score better than their opponent on. After eighteen holes, the player who has the overall lead in the tallied points earns a point for their team. If the two opponents are tied, the point is split with each team receiving half a point. Thus, all players contribute by winning their matches to earn points for their team.

What has the author Rick Buker written?

Rick Buker has written: 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History

What is the total highest score made by a team in a match in the whole cricket history and who is it?


What is the Super Bowl total point average?

Winning team averages 30.2 points per game. Losing team averages 15.1 points per game. Total point average is 45.3 points per game.

Which team scored the lowest total ever in ipl?

Rajasthan Royals - 58 against Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2009