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If you are talking about the thing that goes over the horses ears and between its eyes, it is called a fly bonnet.

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Q: What is the hood called that some of the horses in olympic jumping are wearing?
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What type of Horses are used in Olympic Show Jumping?

all types

In what Olympic event may men compete against women or be on the same team?

show jumping or maybe dressage, something to do with horses

Do horses enjoy show jumping?

Yes many horses do enjoy jumping.

When do jumping horses stop jumping?

they just do

What are the pads that some horses wear on there legs when you ride them?

They are called hock boots and they are worn to protect th horses leg when jumping.

Can horses jump over a fence without a rider?

yes, and it's called free jumping

Are there horse Olympics?

There are horse events in the Olympics: Show-jumping But a so called "Horse Olympics" where horses participate in dressage,show-jumping, cross country etc are called gymkhanas.

Is an Arabian good at jumping?

all horses are good at jumping

What is free jumping horses?

Free jumping is when a horse is jumping without a rider in a mange.

What is horse riding at olympic Game?

Horse riding at the olympics is Equastrian you can also play this on mario and sonic at the london olympics gamesAt the Olympic games the equestrian sports include:Cross Country (endurance/jumping outside of an arena)Eventing (cross country, dressage, and show jumping)Show Jumping (jumping in an arena)Dressage (considered to be "dancing with horses")Hope that helps, sorry if I forgot anything. I know polo used to be in the Olympics, but I do not believe it is anymore.

What are Canadian horses famous for?

They are famous for jumping.

Are Abran horses good at jumping?

Yes they are very good jumpers...They are very good show horses and many people use them for jumping competitions.