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Q: What is the guru granth sahibs stand called?
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Why is the Guru Granth Sahib called a guru?

Guru means "teacher, and the Guru Granth Sahib book is also a teacher.

Do sikhs have a holy bookwhat is it called?

yes, sikhs do have a holy book. It is called the GURU GRANTH SAHIB. It has all the rules of sikhism and it is deeply respected by the sikh community. sikhs simbolize it as thier final guru

What is the cloth called which is used to rap the Guru Granth Sahib?

The cloths used to cover Guru Granth Sahib are know as Rumalas.

Why is the Guru Granth sahib kept in a room?

The Guru Granth Sahib is the embodiment of all the of previous gurus, Guru Gobind Singh Ji commanded that the Guru Granth Sahib be our guru after him. The Guru Granth Sahib isn't though of as a book, it is thought of as a Guru, a person. Notice that the Guru Granth Sahib does not have page number, but aangs (body parts). As every indiviudual has a room in which they sleep, the Guru Granth Sahib has a room to rest in as well.

What is a seeks Bible called?

it is called guru granth sahib

What is the Sikh book called?

It is called the Guru Granth Sahib.

What is the fan called that is waved over the Guru Granth Sahib?

The 'fan' is called a chaor. It is waved over the Guru Granth Sahib to protect it from dirt, dust, flies etc. The Sikhs have tremendus respect for the Guru Granth Sahib as it contains all the teachings of their ten Guru's which live through it.

How do Sihks view the Guru Granth Sahib?

we view guru granth sahib as a guru

Whats sikhisms holy book called?

Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

What is the language of the guru granth sahib in?

The Guru Granth Sahib is in Gurmukhi

How do you say the guru granth in sik?

guru granth sahib je

What is the guru granth sahib's bed called?

Commonly called the sakhand. :)