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the outer bull

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Q: What is the division next to the bullseye on a dart board?
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Can you get 23 on a dart board in 1 dart?

No, 23 is the lowest number you cannot get with one dart.

In the sequence 20 1 18 4 13 why are the next two numbers 6 and 10?

Dart Board

What is the name of the ring next to the bullseye?

Semi Bull

16 8 11 14 9 12 5 20 what number is next?

I would make it 1 The above sequence is the numerical order of some of the numbers on a dart board

Where is the next Nerf dart tag tournament?


How do you get a ticket for the sumbarine on cryptkids island poptropica?

You have to go to the Loch Ness Bar and talk to the two guys next to the dart board. The guy on the right will give you the ticket if you beat him in a game of darts.

Why is there a Scottish division play-off?

To get to the next division.

When is the next Nerf dart tag 2012 tournament?

Some time in June

What time Is next open on Thursday?

Brian throws a dart at a calendar of February 40 times and hits Thursday 12 times. what is the experimental probability of the dart Not landing on Thursday?

Where is the man to play darts with in poptropica?

In the pub at Loch Ness, you play darts to win tickets. You will click on your dart, and move it over to the board. Then click the mouse and DON'T LET GO until you are ready to throw. After your aim point (X) is set, pull the dart back -- slide your mouse backward -- then let go. The farther you "pull back" (move lower), the higher the dart will go. By varying your distance from the aim point (X), you can get the dart to land higher or lower on the board. If you don't pull back at all, it will fall to the floor. If you pull too far, the dart will hit above the board. Generally, a lowering of about 1/2 the width of the dart board from the X will send the dart to the X point.

What is the Target corporation's logo?

"Target's logo is a bullseye which is red and white in color. The center is a red dot, the next ring is white and the outer ring is red."

What is the sequence of events that occurs from the end of one division to the end of the next division?

cell cycle