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material is something you need and like the materials needed for this project are and equipment is also something you need or have like the equipment needed for this activity is, so they are both the same thing and are synonyms.

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Q: What is the difference between materials and equipment?
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What is the difference between materials and tools?

The tae is a tae of tae of manyaman tae .......

Identify the difference between tools and equipment?

Tools are equipment....

Is there a difference in equipment between ranks?

On operations basically no.

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What is the difference between the materials Cs and CS?

cs is

What is the difference between a storekeeper and a materials coordinator?


What is the difference between equipment and instument?

the equipment could be all of the instruments. The instrument may be just one of the parts of the equipment

What is the difference in equipment specifications between chlorine and salt water inground pools?

There is no difference other then the actual salt and saltwater chlorination equipment.

What is the difference between Apparatus and materials?

Materials are anything consumed in the experiment; water or salt for example. Apparatus would be such items as beakers and thermometers; things that are not consumed; things that you would expect to find in a lab as standard equipment.

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic treatment of waste materials?

The difference is that ,,,You have to read the book!

What are the differences between materials and equipment and tools?

The differences between materials, equipment, and tools are in the way they are used, acquired, and maintained. Materials are consumed constantly, while tools and equipment require periodic repair or replacement.

Examples of the difference between plastic and polymers?

The so called "plastic materials" are polymeric materials.