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You can hang off a hang glider but you can only fly a kite.

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Q: What is the difference between a hang glider and a kite?
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Difference between an arrowhead and a kite in maths?

The difference is surely that an arrowhead has one reflex internal angle where a kite does not.

What is the difference between a rhombus and a kite?

the shape

What is the major difference between a kite and rhombus?

the shape

What things need air to live?

A hang glider, kite, paper airoplane

What are wind powered vehicles and what do they need to work?

Well. A wind powered vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by the wind obviously. An example of a wind powered machine would be a sail boat, a kite perhaps, or a hang glider.

What is the difference between kite and parallelogram?

They are both 4 sided quadrilaterals but a kite has no parallel sides whereas a parallelogram has opposite parallel sides

What is the difference in area between a kite and a rhombus?

The dimensions of each one are going to have some bearing on the answer.

How do you help the adventurers on cryptids island?

Give the hang glider girl a shove on the rocks by the lighthouse, and use the garden shears to cut loose the hot air balloon. This gives you some nylon rope and you can borrow the KiteSurfer from the kite store, and come back to try it out at the lighthouse.

What is the difference between a kite and a diamond?

A Diamond is an elementary term for "Rhombus". It has 4 equal sides. A Kite has two pairs of equal sides that are adjacent to each other. kite can fly diamond can't diamonds are shiny kites are not

Why box type kite hang in the air for a long time?

It's because of its unique squareshape. :]

Similarities and differences of a rhombus and a kite?

The main difference between a kite and a rhombus is that a rhombus has all equal sides whereas a kite has two pairs of adjacent equal sides. The similarities of them are that both kite and a rhombus are quadrilaterals. Their angles made at the intersection of diagonals are equal to 90°. All rhombuses are kites, but all kites are not rhombuses.

Science project for which kite flies the highest Blue or red?

Color doesn't affect how the kite flies. You can fly any color kite and it wont make a difference.