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Not sure what you mean, but in 2007 the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3, for a 27-run lead. In 1995, the Indians finished 30 games above the 2nd place Royals, also the record for largest lead by a division winner over the next best team.

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Q: What is the biggest lead in Major League Baseball?
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Who had the most home runs in the 2009 MLB season?

Albert Pujols lead Major League Baseball with 47 Home Runs in 2009

Are major league baseball managers required to wear baseball uniforms?

yes the number of the world series he tries to lead them

Who led Major league baseball in home runs in 1995?

Albert Belle of the Cleveland Indians hit 50 home runs in 1995 to lead MLB.

Who was the first switch hitter to lead the Major League Baseball in RBI's?

The first switch hitter to lead MLB in RBIs was New York Giants shortstop George Davis, who had 136 RBIs in 1897. Of course, there wasn't an American League at that time. The only switch hitter, after 1901 and the birth of the American League, to lead MLB in RBIs was Mickey Mantle who had 130 in 1956.

Who have the most RBI's in baseball in 2009?

Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers and Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies tied for the major league lead in runs batted in with 141 each.

Is an autographed Spalding baseball worth more than a Rawlings Baseball?

The most preferred baseball to have a player sign that will lead to a higher value, would be an Official Major League baseball from the League the player played in, that was used during the ballplayer's playing days.Spalding along with the Reach label was producing Major league baseball for about 100 years until Rawlings took over around 1970, and the Rawlings company have been making major league baseballs ever since.For example: Willie Mays played from 1951-1973. If you were planning to acquire a Willie Mays signature you would try to find a 1951-1969 Warren Giles Official National League Baseball, made by Spalding. If The signature was acquired on a modern day Major League baseball made by Rawlings then it will have a lower value, but the bulk of the value will still rely on the signature. A signature of a modern day ballplayer would be most preferred on a Rawlings baseball.The same would be for team signed baseballs. A team signed baseball will have a higher value if signed on an Official Major League baseball from that era, and league. For more information on Major League baseballs see Related Links below.

How many cmplete games were pitched in major league baseball in 2011?

Up through the 2011 All-Star break, 114 ... 52 in the National League and 62 in the American League. Teams: The Philadelphia Phillies lead the National League with 11 and the Seattle Mariners lead the American League with 9. Pitchers: James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays leads the American League with 7 and Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies leads the National League with 6.

How many seasons has Heath Bell lead the Major League Baseball in Saves?

0. Through 2010, Bell has led the National League in saves once ... that being in 2009 with 42. Brian Fuentes of the Angels led MLB in saves that season with 48.

How many times did Roger Maris lead the Major League in home runs?

Roger Maris led the Major League in home runs 1 time. It was in 1961 with 61 home runs.

Which baseball team squandered the biggest regular season lead in the standings?

boston red sox--1978

What is some of Kevin durant major accomplishments?

Youngest player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring

Who are Liverpools European cup final Captains?

Champions League Final at Istanbul was lead by Steven Gerrard , a game which witnessed one of the biggest comeback